Saturday, July 20, 2024
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Legal Services

FACT is a boutique law firm of specialists in international business and trade, with emphasis upon the key elements for successful international work of any kind:

  • drafting and negotiation of contracts and other legal documents
  • business and subsidiary creation and expansion
  • preventative legal services to avoid disputes and litigation
  • product liability avoidance and risk reduction
  • intellectual property (copyrights, trademarks, patents and others)
  • corporate and business security issues
  • litigation and dispute management
  • others…

Business Services

FACT provides and coordinates related business services, tailored to FACT clients’ needs and evolving with their business operations and growth.

Business services are often tied to FACT legal work – whenever non-legal professionals are more cost-efficient – but they are also stand-alone services, using professionals for:

  • market analyses
  • distribution network management
  • trademark and patent investigations and prosecutions
  • brokers for licensing arrangements
  • hiring and outside contracting
  • others….

Method of Work

We work alone for our clients and/or we work with legal departments and/or we work with teams of other legal counsel. We’ve successfully applied all these approaches …whatever works best for each client.

We work for American and European multi-national corporations, government institutions, small-to-medium size firms and even individuals.

The FACT team has decades of combined experience in a wide variety of “legal and business cultures” - meaning both geographic areas and fields of business - throughout the USA, Europe and Asia Pacific. We have logged millions of miles over three decades of creating new businesses and establishing emerging technologies across all borders.

FACT personnel were among the first lawyers anywhere to adopt fully mobile business technology. We used touch-screen notebook computers and wireless phones already in the 1980’s….before some of our current colleagues and clients were even born!

The end result is that FACT clients do not pay for fancy offices at FACT. We operate far more effectively from our clients’ locations, even in remote parts of the world, while our extensive use of electronic communication minimizes travel costs and meeting times.

Current Work

FACT work has been concentrated lately upon the rapid convergence of wireless telecommunications with other industries (transportation, security and others), the new liability challenges such developments create, as well as the innovative risk reduction opportunities that such technologies can provide.

FACT also continues to provide legal and business services for a wide variety of businesses in other fields, ranging from software to solar power to internet services, and recently to create brand new start-up firms in both the United States and Europe!